About Tipsy Foodie

Tipsy Food originated after my Husband, Brandt and I moved to Palm Beach Gardens. We were amazed at how many unique, tasty, local restaurants surrounded where we live.  I wanted to try them ALL!!  I seriously would say to my husband every day, “lets just go out to eat, lets try something new.”  Not only was it fun but I wanted to know the perfect place to take friends and family whenever they visited.  However, we had no idea where to begin.  I scurried the internet looking for some direction to where our next restaurant would be, but only came across the typical boring review sights.  You know, the ones where you can t trust a word they say on the reviews because more likely than not, the owner is reviewing their own restaurant.  I want site you can trust and relate to and if you are really lucky have a laugh too.
My Husband and I l truly love trying and experiencing new places to eat.  A perfect Friday night includes a restaurant with a great atmosphere, a bottle of wine, and the perfect company.  If a local place is great, I want everyone to know about it.  I want to spread the word!
This site has been talked about between Brandt and I for quite some time.  However, evey time I say,” Ok, this place is going to be the first entry into our blog!”  I take a picture of our first drink, maybe the appetizer and then I get so wrapped up in talking (or maybe just wrapped up in my second drink), that I forget to finish taking pictures of all the tasty food.  SO…with that being said,  that’s how Tipsy Foodie began!  I love going out having a few drinks and I most likely always make a new friend at every restaurant bar we go to!  I want to share my experiences with all of you!  So if I go to a hidden treasure, my readers can give the place a try and support the local community.  I am looking forward to beginning this new adventure.  We will explore all types of restaurants, from hole in the walls to the finest in the Palm Beaches.  So pop the cork of your favorite bottle of wine(my personal favorite is a Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon), and lets have fun trying all the great eats in Palm Beach County!