Saturday, June 21, 2014

KITCHEN - West Palm Beach, FL

As you all know by now Brandt and I love to go out, but we do like to stay in "our area".  We like to stay close to home and travel a little farther for special occasions.   After experiencing Kitchen, I will be leaving "our area"  more often. My parents were in town for Father's Day weekend enjoying the Breakers and what Palm Beach has to offer. Our friends Diana and Cory kept mentioning how fabulous the Kitchen was, so I figured this would be a perfect place to try.  I haven't stopped talking about it since we ate there. ( I can still taste the dessert)

The Kitchen is super small, no more than 10 tables inside and a few table outside.  When you enter you are greeted by Aliza, who is bubbly, adorably cute, and energetic.  Aliza is Chef Mathew's wife, so you truly are experiencing their "Kitchen" at home.

Before ordering we were had our taste buds tickled with a delicious amuse-bouche made with eggplant.  We also brought our own bottle of 2002 Opus.  It drank perfectly with our meal.

All the appetizers sounded amazing, I could have had each one.  I ordered the Ahi, Mango, and Avocado stack.  The Ahi was marinated delicately with a spicy soy sauce.

Ahi Stack

My Mom had my favorite appetizer, homemade Burrata, Heirloom tomatoes, balsamic and EVOO.  The burrata melted in my mouth.


My Dad had an appetizer that sounded the most interesting.  The Kitchen considers it their own version of "bacon, eggs, and toast."  Proscuitto  and goat cheese wrapped around asparagus with a perfectly cooked poached egg on top.  Such an unusual dish that is full of flavor.  I am such an egg lover, so anything with egg always intrigues me. 

"Bacon, Egg, and Toast"

Brandt started with the highly recommended corn and crab cake served with a tomato avocado relish.  
The crab cake was full of crab and delicious, but the other three appetizers were ones I would gravitate to order again.  You cant beat how beautiful the presentation is.  I cant wait to also try the salmon carpaccio next time we visit.

Corn & Crab Cake

After tasting everyone's appetizers, I was giddy thinking about our main entrees.  My mom had one of their signature dishes, Chicken Schnitzel.  The chicken was pan seared and served with mushrooms, arugula, and my favorite part, An EGG!  Just loved dipping the schnitzel in the broken egg yoke.  A must try!

Chicken Schnitzel

Brandt had the pork chop that he will be talking about for the next month.  The double cut pork chop was huge.  If you have ever cooked pork chop, you know it is tough to cook and keep juicy.  Did you see the size of this pork chop?  Incredible, how it was cooked to perfection.  The best part of this dish was the apple ginger jam.  The jam makes the entire dish, you will be saying "oh my gosh" even when you lick the plate.

Pork Chop
I was trying to make a healthy choice,so  I ordered the simply grilled halibut.  Honestly, I was more interested in the sides I could choose from.  I could not decide on two, so I had to try three.  I love brussels sprouts and never prepare at home, since it is not one of Brandt's favorites.  I ate the whole bowl right away.  They were roasted with olive oil and tomatoes.   The butternut squash with truffle oil was also heavenly as anything with truffle oil is a must have.   The beets were my least favorite as these were served cold and I prefer my beets warm.

brussels sprouts and butternut squash
If you are looking for something simple, the simply grilled Halibut is delicious.   It is definitely simple, so make sure you truly do enjoy the fish you order.

Simply Grilled Halibut

My Dad had the veal with eggplant, fresh mozzarella and homemade tomato ragout.  Another item I will be tempted to order next time I visit.  The eggplant was so crispy and I love how much mozzarella was on it! Nothing small about this dish!

Veal- GMR NY

Oh My, so much food.  I was on a food high and of course the delicious wine was adding to this experience.  Yes, I was full, but I had to try dessert.  Of course we couldn't decide, all the items sounded appetizing.
We tried their sampler, which included strawberry shortcake and a chocolate pudding pie.  The strawberry shortcake was light and fluffy, I would have liked a little more juice from the strawberries.  

 The best dessert was the lemon cake with raspberry.  This is a must have.  I could not stop eating it.  The cake was light and fluffy and the touch of raspberry makes you keep saying MMMM.  You have to order it!

The Kitchen is a homey farm to table restaurant.  I personally understand why Tiger Woods hired Chef Mathew to be his personal chef.  Chef Mathew is extremely talented and brings flare into simple ingredients.  I cant wait to come back to experience everything Kitchen has to offer.





319 Belvedere Road #2
West Palm Beach, FL 33405

Monday, June 16, 2014

THE COOPER - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

The Cooper is one of the newest restaurants to open in Palm Beach Gardens. We were all eager to try the newest farm to table restaurant to open in our area.  When I first walked in I thought I just walked into a Pottery Barn/ Hardware Restoration store.  The decor is rustic, shabby chic and I loved it.  Our table was not ready when we arrived, so we had a drink at the bar.  They have a nice variety of craft cocktails which includes unique infused vodkas.

We had a rough start at the Cooper, as we were not seated until about an hour after our reservation time.  Our waitress was apologetic, however extremely slow and uneducated on menu items.  Even when Brandt ordered an Old Fashion she asked what gin he would prefer?  Ha

Due to our delayed start, we were offered a delicious spread of cured meats and artisan cheeses.  The Chorizo was my favorite, a little spicy, but full of flavor.

We also tried the steak tartare served with a sunny side quail egg. The steak tartare appeared cooked, however it was not hot.  I also thought it was seasoned a little too heavily, tartare should be minced raw beef with light seasoning and blended with worcestershire sauce.  

Cory and Diana shared the heirloom tomato and housemade mozzarella salad.  You can never go wrong with farm fresh tomatoes, arugula, and EVOO.

I had the sauteed shrimp and heirloom tomato spaghettini.  This dish was light and delicious.  

Brandt enjoyed the "Cooper Burger"  and added a fried egg.  No complaints on his end and comparable to Burger Bar.  However, I cant resist Burger Bar's truffle fries.  

Katherine enjoyed the Porcini-dusted diver scallops served with a sweet corn fondue and a lemon truffle emulsion!  Yum!  

Diana tried the Mediterranean Chicken Paillard. A fairly simple, boring dish. A fancy way to say a grilled chicken salad :)

Definitely the best part of the night was the dessert.  The Cooper Sundae is a must have!  Vanilla ice cream, bananas, hot fudge, cherries, and pecans.  Amazing.

It was a long night for us at The Cooper.  They have a great concept and a truly beautiful restaurant, but need to improve big time on service.  The Cooper is still new, so hopefully they will continue to work out the kinks.  They use local farmers for as many ingredients, support small batch distillers and local brewers.   They do have a summer happy hour, which I would try in the near future.  More wine and cheese for me please and of course I will take another Sundae :)





4610 PGA Blvd
Suite 100
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418