Saturday, February 1, 2014

HMF at the Breakers - Palm Beach, FL

Swanky, flapper dresses, luxury, and martinis are words that come to mind when I walk into HMF at the Breakers Hotel.  The minute you step foot into the lobby bar you are taken back to a time what I like to call the Great Gatsby era with a modern twist.  Plush chairs, signature cocktails, waitresses in short black dresses with their hair done oh so perfectly, are a few things that you will experience at HMF.

HMF stands for Henry Morrison Flagler, the founder of the iconic Breakers Hotel.  Attention to detail is highlighted everywhere here.  From the monogrammed wine glasses to how the silverware is placed, you are experiencing true sophistication.

After a few cocktails and waiting for over an hour to receive a table, we were starving.  HMF offers a wide variety of small plates.  From sushi to items inspired by food trucks, you are bound to find plenty of items that spark your interest and senses.

We started with a plate of Artisan Cheeses and an Olive bowl.    The presentation was vibrant and I loved the Membrillo that was served with the cheeses.  Membrillo is sweet, tart and a delicious partner to a strong, bold cheese

Artisan Cheeses
Wood Roasted Olives and Herbs

Next we tried the Old School Steak Tartare.  Probably one of my favorite dishes of the night.  I would re-order at my next visit. The tartare was slightly chunkier then most steak tartares I have tasted.  This consistency was very similar to tuna tartares I have enjoyed in the past.  I loved it!

Old School Steak Tartare
Next up the Wood Roasted Asparagus, Burrata.  Another must try.  My friend Cory loves burrata and if on the menu, it is a must order. I have an Italian background, so cheese was a staple in our house, especially mozzarella.   Burrata is a type of mozzarella with a heavy cream center.  It just melts in your mouth.

Wood Roasted Asparagus, Burrata

Next, we tried a little Asian. Duck Pot Stickers and Shrimp Pad Thai. 

 The duck pot stickers were tasty, however I am not sure I could really taste the duck.  If I did not know, I would have told you they were traditional pot stickers stuffed with pork    


As for the Shrimp Pad Thai, I prefer my pad thai very "peanuty" in flavor.  For 21 dollars, I will stick with the local Thai restaurant for about 13 dollars a main dish!

Yep, we are not done yet!  The "Nonnas" Meatball and Gravy was Amazballs!! Ugh, I could have had about 3 orders of these.  The meatball was tender, full of flavor, and no breading.  The sauce was robust, you could taste the oregano, basil, and garlic with every bite.  Delicious!  A must order!


Lastly we tried the HMF roll with shrimp tempura and avocado wrapped in rice paper.  I do enjoy rolls wrapped in rice paper, as you get to taste all the good stuff in a roll and not just rice.  I would love to explore the other sushi options during our next visit.

Our experience at HMF was is always wonderful.  Prepare for a wait when you go during season as it is one of the places "to be seen."  The presentation of every item is thoughtfully planned out and unique.  If you have not been to HMF, I urge you to go.  At the very least, get dressed up and enjoy one cocktail at the bar.  My favorite is the champagne cocktail.  HMF is a sophisticated experience everyone should enjoy.





HMF at the Breakers
1 South County Road
Palm Beach, FL 33480

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