Sunday, November 3, 2013


I had passed by Romeo n Juliette's many times and always wondered what kind of restaurant it was exactly. Is it casual? Is it a lunch spot? Is it Italian? Then I glanced at their website and saw many classic Italian dishes but also some healthy eclectic dishes.  Is it Italian or is it a farm to table restaurant?  Then I walked into the restaurant and was pleasantly surprised by the small, quaint, intimate restaurant.  Probably no more then 15 tables in this little cafe with an Italian atmosphere.  They even have a tour of Italy projecting on the wall, as if you were on your own private helicopter in Italy.

Once I took it all in, I became excited.  Did I just find a Tequesta hidden treasure?  This place is so unique and so unexpected.  Brandt and Bryan started with a glass of Peroni and Kathryn and I enjoyed a glass of wine.  Our waitress Tammy was very helpful with picking out a glass of wine.  She even opened a bottle that normally is not offered by the glass.

For such a small, mom and pop restaurant they sure were advanced with the technology.  Our waitress placed all her orders on the ipad, which went directly to the kitchen.  I honestly have not seen that before.

Like usual, the appetizers were my favorite part of the meal.
We started with an order of Romeo n Juliettes Arancini.  Sicilian fried and stuffed saffron risotto balls coated with homemade breadcrumbs.  I am a huge risotto fan.  The only thing I like more then risotto is mushroom risotto.  So that would have been my suggestion to add another kick to this dish.  Very tasty balls!

Next we tried their Bruschetta.  Hydroponic tomatoes, organic basil, garlic, extra virgin olive oil over a crostini.  This was Amazing.  I honestly never order buschetta at restaurants.  Maybe because I think it is such a simple dish and it is something I can make at home.  That being said, I would totally order the Brushetta again here!  The tomatoes had such great flavor and were seasoned perfectly with salt.  LOVED!

We also ordered the Baked St. Andre Brie with beets and a warm mushroom vinaigrette.  I love baked brie, but this one was more of a savory one then sweet.  It was good, but I still prefer baked brie with jam or caramel instead of mushrooms.    A FRIENDS episode came to mind when I was eating this dish.  The one where Rachel tries to make an English Trifle, but she mistakenly puts beef sauteed with peas and carrots in the trifle.

For our main dish, we each were able to try something different.  Bryan had the classic chicken parmigiano. Very heesy and served with their homemade red sauce.  It was good, but just like Bryan said, "it is kinda hard to mess this one up."

I like to keep it simple as well.  I ordered the homemade spaghetti and meatballs. Everything in this dish was homemade.  The meatballs were tasty and meaty.  Their tomato sauce was good, however I always prefer a meaty sauce with my spaghetti.

Brandt had the Penne Alla Vodka and asked for some meatballs to be added.  Vodka sauce is always yummy as it is a pink, creamy sauce. Rich and heavy flavor.

Katherine had one of the specials of the night.  Chicken stuffed with goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and spinach.  Served with a side of pasta and alfredo sauce.  A pretty good portion size, but the dish was just average.  Stuffed chicken is always tricky as it can easily be dried out.

Overall, we had a nice meal at Romeo n Juliettes.  The quaint feel was my favorite part of the restaurant.  Service became a little slow as it got busier throughout the night.  I would come back and may skip on the main dish and just explore appetizers.  There are few others I would love to try next time I visit.  Romeo -n- Juliettes is off the beaten path, but worth looking for.





Romeo -n- Juliettes
1544 Cypress Drive
Jupiter, FL 33469

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