Sunday, July 28, 2013

FLAGLER STEAKHOUSE at The Breakers - Palm Beach, FL

It has become a two year tradition for us to spend Father's Day weekend at the Breakers Hotel.  We again had an amazing Sunday Brunch in the Circle Dining Room.  This year we wanted to try another restaurant that the Breakers puts their name on, Flagler Steakhouse.  The Flagler Steakhouse is located right across the resort in their exquisite country club.  The restaurant is overlooking their Ocean Golf Course, where my Dad and Brandt have played these past two getaways.  If you go when the weather is nice, I would highly recommend sitting outside on the balcony.

We had made a 7:00pm reservation and unfortunately we were not seated until 7:30.  We had a drink to start at the bar.  The restaurant was quite busy so there was only room to stand near the bar.  Not really the best way to start the night considering how "upscale" the restaurant is.  

Once seated, we started with a bottle of wine.  They do not allow you to bring your own wine here, so expect a pricey wine list.  We started with one of our favorites, Chimney Rock.  Delicous, but it better be when it is over a hundred bucks a bottle.

They served us freshly made bread with sweet, salted butter.  I always love a good bread basket, especially when it is served warm.  Usually Brandt has to take away the bread bowl, so I don't ruin my dinner!

We shared an order of bluepoint oysters. They don't have bluepoints on the menu exclusively, just as part of their tower that starts at a whopping 55 dollars a person.  We asked for just a dozen bluepoint, and they were able to accommodate us.  They were tasty, however smaller then I am used to.

My parents shared the Beet Salad.  Red and golden beets, cucumbers, onions, and hearts of palm.  I am a beet lover, so this salad was full of flavor and the sweet vinaigrette dressing complimented the root vegetable. I need to try to prepare beets at home, this would be easy to replicate ( I think).  

Brandt and I shared the Baby Iceberg Salad, which is their version of the Wedge.  A large piece of Iceberg lettuce, bacon, egg, gorgonzola cheese, tomatoes, onions, and topped with creamy garlic peppercorn dressing.  Probably my favorite "Wedge" salad is from capital grill, however this salad had all the flavors I was looking for.  Presentations have a way influencing your opinion from good to delicious and I felt this was slightly under par.

Now for our steak.  All entrees come with a baked potato, which may be why you find their prices higher then the other steakhouses around.  Brandt enjoyed the Rib-eye.  With all of our steaks, they were cooked absolutely perfect.  Full of flavor, tender and juicy.

I enjoyed the filet, while my parents enjoyed a new york strip.  Again, all were delicous.  No complaints here on preparation. 

We enjoyed a few sides. Sauteed Mushrooms and Tempura Onion Rings.  I loved the presentation for the mushrooms in the copper pot. The mushrooms were garlicy, just the way I like it.  

While the onion rings were a real treat, since we don't indulge too often on onion rings.  Still a little pricey, as they were both 9.75  a side.


We were pretty stuffed, so we did not have the opportunity to try their dessert.  So that will be a must for next time.  Flagler Steakhouse definitely has a beautiful atmosphere.  It encompasses the classic feel of a country club with rich mahogany accenting the restaurant.  The view is tranquil and elegant.  You know you are experiencing a special place.  As you should, you are at the Breakers.  There is something regal about the property.  However, a feeling can only go so far, especially at a high ticket price.  I believe the steak was delicious, but was it better then all other steakhouses?  That is a tough question.  Go to Flagler Steakhouse to experience something different.  As much as I love Capital Grille, you can go there almost anywhere now a days.  Flagler Steakhouse is one of a kind.





2 South County Road
Palm Beach, FL 33480

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