Saturday, January 5, 2013

LA BAMBA - North Palm Beach, FL

I was craving Mexican food and I was craving it badly.  As much as I love Rocco's Taco, I wanted to try something new and possibly not as expensive.  We have been living in Palm Beach Gardens for almost 2 years now (wow! time has flown) and I have passed by La Bamba on U.S. 1 millions of times.  I always say to myself, "I want to try that place sometime."  Well, I tried it and I will be going back.

We rolled in to La Bamba at 6:45 and the parking lot was slammed.  We could barely find a parking place.  I honestly thought this was a quiet Mexican restaurant that no one really goes to.  Boy, was I wrong.  I jumped out of the car to put our name in and was greeted right away by a friendly hostess welcoming me to La Bamba.  (Apparently it was so slammed due to a party of 77 people in the back room!)  The restaurant was bright, cheerful, and they even had a mariachi band playing.  I was quite impressed with the ambiance.

Once seated, I tried a Blue Margarita and Kelli ordered a glass of Sangria.

  The Blue Margarita was just OK.  It was very sweet and didn't really taste like a margarita to me. It was strong with tequila, so it could be worse.  The sangria was delicious and you could tell it was homemade, but I felt that the glass was very small for $5.50.  I would have drank that it 2 seconds if it was mine.  

Brandt and Mike ordered a bottle of Sol.  Every time we go to a Mexican restaurant he orders a bottle and reminds me that this is the only beer he drank while he was in Mexico for Spring Break.  (I think it is the only beer he remembers he drank :) )  If you have never tried Sol before, try it, it tastes similar to Corona.

We shared the Super Nachos for an appetizer and added Chicken.  They were tasty.  I actually like it when they serve the nachos individually.  You never get as much as normal nachos, but you are guaranteed to get all the flavors you are looking for in each bite. (two different view for you to enjoy on this one)

For my main dish I tried the Loco Burrito.  It was stuffed with chicken, beans, cheese, tomatoes, and lettuce.  It was topped with a brown sauce and cheese and served with beans and rice.  It was MONSTROUS!!
I brought home a ton of leftovers.  It was exactly what I was craving.

Brandt and Mike both ordered the Chicken Fajitas.  Tons of Chicken with fresh peppers and mushrooms.  You wouldn't get this much chicken at Chili's.

Kelli ordered the Chicken Chimicanga. It was topped with sauce and cheese and served with rice and beans.

We ordered a side of fried ripe Plantains.  They were not soft enough for our liking, so I wouldn't recommend.

So after about 5 pounds of rice, beans, chicken, sour cream and guacamole.  We were full.  You could have rolled me out of there.  For being so busy that night, I was impressed on how kind and attentive our server was.  La Bamba is a great place for a casual night out when you are craving some true Mexican food.  Nothing fancy, just simple and good!!!  La Bamba also has locations in Delray Beach, Margate, Plantation, and Ft. Lauderdale.  Check it out!

So leave your Margaritaville mixer and Corona at home and go to La Bamba for a good time and a bottle of Sol!





La Bamba
730 U.S. Highway 1
North Palm Beach, FL

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