Thursday, November 14, 2013


Brandt's Aunt loves Italian food, so we decided to try Carmine's Coal Fired Pizza for dinner.  We had been there once before for happy hour and had a nice time. I thought dinner would bring the same experience.  I may go back for happy hour, but I do not see myself going back to Carmine's for dinner again.  It was definitely average.  We have so many great Italian places in the area, this one unfortunately is not on my list.

We started off with a few salads to share for the table.  The Insalata Nantucket, field greens, blue cheese, red onion, pine nuts, cranberries, tossed in a maple raspberry vinaigrette.  We should have asked for the dressing on the side, as I felt it was slightly soggy.  Other then that the salad had a nice flavor, I always like blue cheese with a sweet dressing.

We also tried the Chopped Antipasto, mixed greens, roasted red peppers, artichokes, cucumbers, tomato, garbanzo beans, prosciutto, salami, and provolone tossed in white balsamic vinaigrette.  When I think of an Antipasto salad, I think of large chunks of meats and cheeses.  This salad was slightly disappointing with everything chopped up.

For my main dish I tried my usual, Spaghetti Bolognese.  I asked for penne pasta instead of spaghetti and I had also asked for a meatball.  I am still waiting on the meatball, as she never served it.  The Bolognese sauce was tasty.  It was nice and chunky with beef and tomatoes.

Aunt Meryl tried the Rigatoni alla vodka. Vodka sauce is a tomato-cream sauce. Vodka sauce is usually one that you cant go wrong with.  The sauce was creamy, but a little too rich for me.  Meryl enjoyed it very much.

Brandt tried the Pizza BBQ Pollo.  I am not a BBQ pizza fan, so it could have been the best BBQ pizza in the world and I am not sure if I would have enjoyed it.  Brandt loves BBQ pizza and he thought it was fair and could have used some more BBQ sauce.  It seemed a little dry.

One thing that was great was the portion size.  All entrees we ordered were medium size and I thought they were definitely enough. I even brought a little home.  The restaurant itself is decorated very nicely and has a cozy feel.  Overall I thought the food was just OK.  I would go back and take advantage of their happy hour specials that go till 7.  The bar is nice as you can view the open kitchen.  Carmines has many offerings on their menu, but I would not put it on the top of my list.




4575 Military Trail
Jupiter, FL 33458

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Sunday, November 3, 2013


I had passed by Romeo n Juliette's many times and always wondered what kind of restaurant it was exactly. Is it casual? Is it a lunch spot? Is it Italian? Then I glanced at their website and saw many classic Italian dishes but also some healthy eclectic dishes.  Is it Italian or is it a farm to table restaurant?  Then I walked into the restaurant and was pleasantly surprised by the small, quaint, intimate restaurant.  Probably no more then 15 tables in this little cafe with an Italian atmosphere.  They even have a tour of Italy projecting on the wall, as if you were on your own private helicopter in Italy.

Once I took it all in, I became excited.  Did I just find a Tequesta hidden treasure?  This place is so unique and so unexpected.  Brandt and Bryan started with a glass of Peroni and Kathryn and I enjoyed a glass of wine.  Our waitress Tammy was very helpful with picking out a glass of wine.  She even opened a bottle that normally is not offered by the glass.

For such a small, mom and pop restaurant they sure were advanced with the technology.  Our waitress placed all her orders on the ipad, which went directly to the kitchen.  I honestly have not seen that before.

Like usual, the appetizers were my favorite part of the meal.
We started with an order of Romeo n Juliettes Arancini.  Sicilian fried and stuffed saffron risotto balls coated with homemade breadcrumbs.  I am a huge risotto fan.  The only thing I like more then risotto is mushroom risotto.  So that would have been my suggestion to add another kick to this dish.  Very tasty balls!

Next we tried their Bruschetta.  Hydroponic tomatoes, organic basil, garlic, extra virgin olive oil over a crostini.  This was Amazing.  I honestly never order buschetta at restaurants.  Maybe because I think it is such a simple dish and it is something I can make at home.  That being said, I would totally order the Brushetta again here!  The tomatoes had such great flavor and were seasoned perfectly with salt.  LOVED!

We also ordered the Baked St. Andre Brie with beets and a warm mushroom vinaigrette.  I love baked brie, but this one was more of a savory one then sweet.  It was good, but I still prefer baked brie with jam or caramel instead of mushrooms.    A FRIENDS episode came to mind when I was eating this dish.  The one where Rachel tries to make an English Trifle, but she mistakenly puts beef sauteed with peas and carrots in the trifle.

For our main dish, we each were able to try something different.  Bryan had the classic chicken parmigiano. Very heesy and served with their homemade red sauce.  It was good, but just like Bryan said, "it is kinda hard to mess this one up."

I like to keep it simple as well.  I ordered the homemade spaghetti and meatballs. Everything in this dish was homemade.  The meatballs were tasty and meaty.  Their tomato sauce was good, however I always prefer a meaty sauce with my spaghetti.

Brandt had the Penne Alla Vodka and asked for some meatballs to be added.  Vodka sauce is always yummy as it is a pink, creamy sauce. Rich and heavy flavor.

Katherine had one of the specials of the night.  Chicken stuffed with goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and spinach.  Served with a side of pasta and alfredo sauce.  A pretty good portion size, but the dish was just average.  Stuffed chicken is always tricky as it can easily be dried out.

Overall, we had a nice meal at Romeo n Juliettes.  The quaint feel was my favorite part of the restaurant.  Service became a little slow as it got busier throughout the night.  I would come back and may skip on the main dish and just explore appetizers.  There are few others I would love to try next time I visit.  Romeo -n- Juliettes is off the beaten path, but worth looking for.





Romeo -n- Juliettes
1544 Cypress Drive
Jupiter, FL 33469

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Sunday, October 27, 2013


Our 3 year Anniversary was this past week and we knew exactly where we wanted to go to spend it.  The newly opened Del Frisco's Grille on Palm Beach Island.  Del Frisco's is located on Royal Poinciana Drive, in the same strip as the Palm Beach Grill.  I have never been to a Del Frisco's before as they have multiple locations around the country.  Del Frisco's is best known for their exceptional cuts of meat, but in keep in mind this is Del Frisco's Grille. Gille meaning it is more of a casual, trendy, American bar and grill.  Del Frisco's Grille offers hand crafted cocktails, a modern atmosphere, and a menu that intrigues all the senses.

Brandt and I arrived to Del Frisco's a little early so that we could enjoy a drink at the bar before we sat down.  I ordered one of their signature concoctions, the Morning After. It had Pearl cocunut vodka, coconut water, lemon sour, and a dash of sprite.  Very refreshing.  To make it a little less sweet, you can substitute the sprite for soda water.

When we were seated we wanted to pop our bottle of wine that we brought.  Del Frisco's has a 25 dollar corkage fee.  Pretty much the norm these days.  If you do not bring your own bottle, Del Frisco's has quite an extensive wine list and you can see their wine selections stored gorgeously near the front of the restaurant.
The Sommelier was fabulous! Our cork was crumbling due to the age of the wine, but she managed to save it!! Lets give a shout out to her..WOOHOO!

All of the appetizers sound amazing.  I can't wait to go back and experience the other starters we did not get a chance to try.  We started with one of their signature appetizers, Ahi Tacos.  Tuna tartare, avocado, spicy citrus mayo in little taco shells.  These were good, however I felt the guacamole overpowered the dish and the main star, the tuna.

Next we had the Wild Mushroom flatbread.  Wild mushrooms, fontina cheese, caramelized onions, and arugula.  One of my favorite dishes from the night.  I would definitely come back for this.  The crust was soft, unlike other flatbreads you get that are thin and crispy.  This one you actually could fold!  LOVED!

We couldn't help ourselves and ordered one more appetizer.  Our waiter raved about the crabcake and it is apparently on every menu across the country.  No fillers in this crabcake, just pure lump crab.  

Since Del Frisco's is known for their steaks, we decided to share one.  We shared the 16 oz. prime bone-in filet of ribeye.  We ordered it medium rare and the steak was cooked to perfection.  Full of flavor!  The steak comes with a potato souffle which I had one bite and that was enough.  The potato was dry and the bacon in it overpowered the potato. The steak however was completely on point. 

All the sides are a la carte, so we ordered the first thing that caught my eye.  Truffle mac and cheese. AHHMAZING!  Just take me to the back of the kitchen,  give me a spoon and I could of ate the whole pot. So good, you have to try.

For dessert, we had their chocolate cake that was a hot, ooey, gooey chocolate cake and served with raspberry sauce and ice cream.  As you may know, my husband is a chocoholic.  He loved this dessert and ate every last bite.  He was in love.  If you like chocolate, this one is for you.  

So by this time that night we were stuffed. Bring the wheelbarrow out and wheel us out!!  We had a great night.  The atmosphere is fun, colorful, modern, trendy, and a little loud.  I know Del Frisco's is going to be the newest hottest spot on the island.  The bar was popping even when we left.  Many people eating and drinking at the bar.  A great spot for happy hour for sure.  For your next night out, try Del Frisco's, you are gonna have some fun!





340 Royal Poinciana Way, Suite 300
Palm Beach, FL 33480

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

CASA MIA - Jupiter, FL

Next to one of my favorite restaurants, Too Bizaare, is Casa Mia.  I have been wanting to try Casa Mia for quite some time, and boy do I wish I would have tried it sooner.  This cute, cozy restaurant serves up some bold Italian flavors.
As you walk in, you are surprised to see such a large stone fired oven, or at least I was surprised. The atmosphere is classic and quaint, but the smell when you walk in the door makes you want to try everything on the menu.

The corkage fee was $25 dollars, so we brought our own bottle of Bordeaux.  (I want to apologize in advance, as some of my pictures are slightly blurry.  I would like to blame it on the wine, as it went down way too fast :)
In their coal fired oven, they not only prepare pizza, but also bake homemade bread for you to nibble on. The bread was crisp and crunchy.  

We shared a few appetizers, the Carpaccio di Manzo and the Boscioloa Pizza.  The Carpaccio was thinly sliced beef, arugula, Dijon mustard, and shaved parmigiano.  I thought the Dijon mustard could be omitted as it was a little overpowering on such a delicate appetizer.  The arugula and freshly shaved parmesan with the carpaccio is always light and refreshing.  

Carpaccio di Manzo

The Boscaiola Pizza was my favorite thing all night.  The pizza had tomato, mozzarella, wild mushrooms, and truffle oil.  Truffle oil is my new obsession.  Loved everything about this pizza and would definitely come back just for a few pies.

Boscaiola Pizza

For my main dish, I had the Fettuccine alla Bolognese.  As you know I always like to try a restaurants Bolognese sauce as I believe that really says alot about the restaurant.  Casa Mia makes home made Fettuccine and the sauce was full of flavor.  The bolognese was chunky and even a little creamier then most bolognese I have tried.  Some places prepare with multiple meats, such as pork and veal, but I tasted strictly beef.  Either way, it had the flavor I was looking for.   I would recommend to all of you who are just like me that crave traditional dishes.

Brand had the Lasagna Pasticciata dello Chef.  Very similar to the flavors in my dish as it has the Bolognese sauce, fresh mozzarella and B├ęchamel sauce.  Great dish.  The sauce is not saucy, very meaty.  If you are a saucy person, this might not be the one for you.

Lasagna Pasticciata dello Chef

My Dad had the Linguine alle Vongole or what I call Linguine with white clam sauce.  The clams were HUGE!  My dad always asks for extra garlic, so he got what he asked for and loved it!!  Delicious!

Linguine alle Vongole

My mom tried one of the speicals that night which was Ravioli with Braised pork.  Probably the least favorite dish of the night.  The bolognese sauce was much tastier.  The braised pork overpowered the dish and again very meaty where it almost needed a little more sauce.  With so much meat, it almost make the dish dry.

Overall we had a great night at Casa Mia.  I would go back again and I highly recommend the pizza's.  I cant wait to return and try a few more of  their creations. Right now Casa Mia is slightly hidden as they are doing construction right next to it due to the opening of Fresh Market.  So do not be discouraged by all the construction surrounding the restaurant.  





337 E. Indiantown Rd Suite 10E
Jupiter, FL 33477

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Friday, September 20, 2013


Pizza and Sunday go together in my book and that is exactly what we did last Sunday night.  We have a few favorite pizza places here in the Gardens/Jupiter area and Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza is one of them. Anthony's has a pretty minimal menu that consists of primarily pizza, salad, and wings, which enables them to perfect a darn good pizza.

Coal fired pizza has become the new pizza craze.  I feel that most pizza places try to advertise about their coal fired pizza, but just because it is coal fired doesn't mean it is good.  I have tried a few places and sometimes the coal makes the bottom of the crusts so black that it is not enjoyable and just tastes burnt.  At Anthony's you will most likely find a slight burnt crust on the edges, but the bottom of the pizza is always clean.  What do you expect when the oven is 800 degrees.  WOW!!

We started with the Classic Italian Salad.  Iceberg lettuce, onions, kalamata olives, chick peas, and tomatoes.  The salad is already mixed with oil and vinegar.  It was simple, but tasty and I would order it again.

Brandt loves Anthony's wings.  I think they are good, but really don't think they are the best.  The wings are baked in their coal stone oven with onions.  No breading and no sauce.  I love me some buffalo sauce, so these wings just do not do it for me.  However, Brandt is a fan and they are served with a heaping amount of sauteed onions and pita bread.

Next, is the best part, the pizza of course!!!  I truly do love their pizza.  We usually order a mushroom and ricotta pizza with extra sauce.  We like our pizza saucy and I highly recommend you try it that way as well. They definitely do not skimp you on the ingredients as well.  The pizza's are jammed packed with toppings.

Mushroom and Ricotta

Mushroom and Pepperoni

Anthony's Pizza is a great place to go before a movie, a sunday night, or when you just want good pizza.  They now are serving a few local craft beers.  A good beer with your pizza is a must.  Anthony's has several locations throughout South Florida.  Try Anthony's, you wont be disappointed.





2680 PGA Blvd
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

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