Thursday, November 15, 2012

RED TAPAS BAR & GRILLE - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

The newest restaurant to open in Palm Beach Gardens is Red Tapas Bar & Grille.  Located in a perfect spot at Downtown at the Gardens. Hopefully this time a restaurant will stick at this location as it is the third restaurant to open at this  particular location.  Red Tapas may be your new happy hour hangout or when you are in a "little of this and a little of that" kinda mood.  That seems to be a mood I am always in, since Brandt always calls me a "Picker."  I always try everyone else's food or if I am home I am always snacking before dinner.  So for me, the small plates menu at Red Tapas is perfect.

When you walk into the open aired restaurant you are mesmerized by the "Red" ambiance and loud, upbeat music.  If you are looking for a quiet night out, Red Tapas is not the place to go.  This place is ideal for happy hour and when you just want to have a little fun.  I highly recommend going to the bar to have a drink since the bar counter is quite the experience   You have to try it for you to know what I mean.

We went out to dinner with 2 other couples and I felt that the restaurant was a little too loud and "clubish" for me to really enjoy dinner or for me to talk to the person across the table.  However, since we were a large table we were able to try a ton more plates rather than just a few.  Great place for sharing!

I started with a fun cocktail, which they have plenty to choose from!!  I started with the sexy peach martini.  Absolut Peach and white peach cranberry juice.  Yum! When we got to the table we ordered a pitcher of Red Sangria.  The sangria was very tasty however I felt that it was lacking alcohol.  If you are looking for a strong drink, I would not recommend the sangria.

Our first tapa was the Bacon Wrapped Dates.  Our friend Diana, said we had to order the dates. When we placed the order, I was thinking to myself, "Ew, gross, I dont like dates."  Well, apparently I do!  The dates were sweet, juicy and the bacon gave it that salty flavor that made it melt in your mouth.  I would recommend this!

Next we ordered the Duck Flatbread.  It had smoked duck, dates ( weird), walnuts, manchego cheese, arugula, and balsamic glaze.  I am a huge flatbread fan so I did enjoy this.  The duck was tender and the balsamic glaze really was a perfect touch.

Next we ordered a meat and cheese board.  They have a variety of choices and you get to pick what you would like.  We selected Aged Manchego, hard provolone, parmigano, hard salami, and proscuitto.  This was great and even better with a glass of wine and some honey. You really can't mess this up,always a great way to start any night.

Next up, Pumpkin Ravioli.  Tasty, but the best part was the sauce that came with it.  I was actually taking the bread from the cheese board and dipping it into the sauce.  The ravioli was not something I would run back for only because I felt that the ravioli itself was rather dry.

The Red Scallop was the best thing I had all night.  I would get this again and again.  The scallop was perfectly cooked and was encrusted with coconut.  It was light and tasty and was accompanied by a citrus sauce.  Definitely something I would order next time.

Yes, we are still ordering more.  Next was the Paella and the Italian meatball.  The Red Paella was a mixture of chicken and other seafood items.  I found it bland and not enough flavor.  The meatball was fair and for ten dollars, I would not recommend.  I would get more scallops for sure!

The last two things we tried (and by this time my stomach was about to explode) were the Bourban Spare Ribs and the Yin Yang Empanada.  The ribs could have been more tender, but the Empanadas were tasty and very large in size.

And yes, we are finally full!  Overall I thought Red Tapas was good, however there are a few things that I definitely would not order again, but would be excited to go back to try new things as well.  The concept is a great considering there is no other Tapas place in the gardens.  Again, I think Red Tapas is a Happy Hour Spot to grab a fun martini a scallop!  Happy Hour is from 4 -7!  I hope it does well as I love to see the Downtown at the Gardens thrive!  So gather some of your girlfriends together and head to Red Tapas to DISCOVER..TASTE..SHARE!





Downtown at the Gardens
11701 Lake Victoria Gardens
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

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