Thursday, October 25, 2012

BUCCAN - Palm Beach, FL

Brandt and I just celebrated our 2 year Anniversary.  We (more like I) wanted to go celebrate somewhere we would consider a "treat."  If you know me by now if it is south of Northlake or north of Indiantown, I consider that a little bit of an effort to go to.  I know, I know...I am spoiled.  We are surrounded by so many fun, great restaurants here, I get so comfortable in my palm beach gardens "bubble."  For this special occasion, I decided to go out of our little bubble and try the much anticipated, Buccan.  Buccan is located on Palm Beach Island where Chef Clay Conley has made a name for himself.  

When I think of Palm Beach Island, words such as proper, expensive, "up-ity", and quiet come to mind.  I was little nervous and unsure what to expect when I walked in the doors.  Boy, was I wrong.  Buccan was ON FIRE!!  It was "the happening place"  and I was super excited to be a part of it.  The bar was slammed with fun drinks being passed around and the DJ was setting up to see what dance moves the night would bring.  I was amazed.  I would have never of guessed Palm Beach to be so, "Young-like?"  

Once seated we were greeted by Mateo, our waiter (LOVED HIM).  I had to get this watermelon drink everyone was drinking.  It is vodka, fresh watermelon, and lime!  SO YUMMY that I had to order two. 

Brandt tried the Buccan T with vodka, black tea,  cranberry, citrus, basil, and agave nectar.

Buccan is a small plates concept restaurant, which I love because it gives you the opportunity to try lots of things and share with everyone.  We started with the steak tartare.  The steak tartare is served with grilled bread, black truffle, and crispy egg yolk.  The egg yolk was a little runny which made this dish even better.  This was my favorite dish of the night.  

Next we tried the Hamachi Sashimi, served with peruvian chilies, yuzu vinaigrette, and crispy lotus root salad.  The sashimi was light and delicious.

 Next up was the Shortrib empanadas. This little empanada was powerful making your taste buds asking for more.  The short rib was tender and full of flavor.

Lastly, we tried the Hand Cut Tagliatelle, served with braised meat sauce, pecorino, and house-made ricotta.       The noodles were delicate and delicious.  You could really taste that they were home-made.  YUM!

We were full at this point, but I wish we weren't because I wanted to keep trying and tasting.  I kept eyeing the tables next to me to see what they were ordering.  Each dish was unique and full of flavor.

We ended the night with a cappuccino and a fudge brownie topped with a caramelized banana. 

What an experience.  I cant wait to go back to Buccan and bring all of my friends.  It is a great place to celebrate a special occasion or just have a girls night out.   The crowd is fun, carefree, and ready to mingle.  From the atmosphere, to the open kitchen concept, to the friendly staff, to the unique drinks, to the exquisite plates, Buccan does everything top notch while having fun.   Buccan is near Worth Avenue and this place is definitely WORTH IT!!!    





350 S. County Road
Palm Beach, FL. 33480

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  1. Me and my girlfriends have always been looking for new experiences. We have tried various locations to hang out and party the night away. This looks like a quaint place to spend a friday night.

  2. Buccan is great! One of our favorite places! Let me know about your experience!


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