Monday, September 3, 2012


Brandt's Birthday was a few weeks ago and his parents came in to town to help celebrate.  Of course I was super excited not only because Birthdays are a great excuse to drink Champagne but also to try a restaurant I have been wanting to try since I moved here.  Limoncello Italian Grill is a restaurant I pass by probably everyday.  The Chef, Mario Ghini, was raised in Italy and you taste a piece of Italy with every bite.  The restaurant is small,quaint, and cozy.  You will find an older, more mature crowd, but you can tell all of their customers are loyal. After experiencing Limoncello, I can see why.

After being seated, our waiter John, greeted us with fresh brushetta on toast.  It was yummy with fresh tomatoes and delicious olive oil.  It went down very well with my glass of Cab!

For the table we ordered a plate of assorted cheeses, prosciutto, and marinated vegetables.  Limoncello has an antique prosciutto slicer in the middle of the restaurant.  It was very interesting to see our waiter slice the fresh prosciutto with this machine that you don't see very often now a days!
If you love cheese and salami, this is a plate I would recommend.  The only addition I would have loved to have with this plate is an assortment of olives.

All of their soup is homemade, so Brandt's Mom tried their Zuppa di Verdure.  It is a seasonal vegetable soup or what I like to call it, minestrone.

For the entree's..I had one of their specials for the night.  It was a mushroom ravioli with a very meaty bolognese sauce.  It was very tasty and not too salty. I find often that restaurants bolognese sauce can be salty and ruin the entire dish.  This one had a great tomato flavor with chunks of meat!  I did ask for extra sauce on the side, since I do like my pasta dishes saucy!

Brandt's Mom enjoyed the Rolatine di Melanzane.  Eggplant stuffed with cheese and fresh basil and then covered with marinara sauce.

Brandt's Dad enjoyed the Chicken Parmigana.  A very traditional Italian dish that was a generous portion and full of flavor!

Brandt ordered the Lasagna Bolognese.  Homemade pasta layered with meat ragu and parmigiano.  The ragu was very meaty and it was a generous portion for a Lasagna.

Now you would think we would be full after this delicious Italian dinner, but we just had to try dessert.  Our waiter John insisted we try the homemade Cheesecake and the signature dessert, which was a layered cake with Sherbert on the bottom. (I can't remember what they call it!)

The Cheesecake was just ok to me because I found it very dry.  It was a Ricotta Cheesecake and I don't usually care for those anyway.

Their signature dessert, which was layered with whipped cream, ice cream and sherbet was amazing!!  It was light and refreshing and I would order again in a heartbeat!

Limocello Italian Grill is a place I would definitely return to. It has a small, quaint atmosphere but you can tell that all their customers are ones that have been going to Limoncello for years.  It truly has authentic Italian cuisine and our waiter was so passionate about every meal that was served!  Limocello is a great place to take family and friends or for a special occasion.





Limoncello Italian Grill
11603 US Highway 1
North Palm Beach, FL. 33408

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