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If you are a fan of Food Shack and Leftovers, I would think you would like Captain Charlies Reef Grill.  You will find a very similar atmosphere and during season you will have to wait three doors down from the restaurant.  You actually have to wait in a separate suite where there is a bar to wait for your table.  You will definitely get to know your neighbor there.
The original chef from Captain Charlies actually left and opened up Food Shack and then Leftovers.  This is why you will find a very similar menu style and restaurant feel. Captain Charlies is slightly tucked away on U.S 1, but that doesn't keep the locals from going there.  With more specials then the menu itself, you will not be disappointed in their fresh fish and interesting dishes.  With only beer and wine, they have a great list for a small restaurant and at very reasonable prices.

Just to give you an idea of how dated this restaurant is, I had to take a picture of the front page of their cover.  I have not seen something like this in forever!

One thing I love about Captain Charlies is that they have a ton of appetizers as specials, so we usually just order a variety of appetizers and then the whole table can share and taste different dishes!

Once seated the waitress arrives at your table with homemade coleslaw for the table.  I am not a huge coleslaw fan, but it was tasty.

We started with an Asian style Tuna roll.  It was tasty because it was an egg roll and a tuna roll in one!

Next up, We tried the fried green tomatoes with goat cheese. I thought the goat cheese was a nice thing to add, but the tomato was a little bland and dry.  Probably wouldn't order again.

We then tried the rock shrimp tortizza.  This was my favorite dish of the night.  The think crust and with a mixture of goat cheese, shrimp, and mushrooms made this dish yummy!

Next, we tried their scallops served with a corn biscuit.  I love scallops, but i found these to be a little dry and not very flavorful.  I was disappointed, I think i may have enjoyed more if they were served with some sort of sauce.

When I asked the waitress what was her favorite, she said she loved the Sesame Crusted Snapper Cake. She said everyone who orders it raves about it.  Well, I guess I am the odd one because I found it dry and a little fishy.  Not my first choice when I return.

Last but not least, Brandt ordered the grilled marinaded duck breasts.  The Duck was very tender and full of flavor.  I was surprised when he ordered but probably one of the tastier dishes of the night.

Well, we were finally full and did not have a chance for dessert.  Captain Charlies is a "local" dine here in Palm Beach Gardens, but if I had to choose between Leftovers vs. Captain Charlies, I would hands down say Leftovers.  Plus the atmosphere is a little more inviting.  Captain Charlies is defiantly worth a try since I don't think some of the restaurants that are open in the Gardens/Jupiter area would have ever existed without the discovery of Captain Charlies.





Captain Charlies Reef Grill
12846 US Highway 1
Juno Beach, FL. 33408

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