Saturday, June 30, 2012


One type a food I absolutely love is Mexican food.  I can eat guacamole and a burrito probably anytime of day on any day of the week!  I have had my fair share of Mexican restaurant experiences.  So when the oh so popular Rocco's Tacos opened their fourth location in Palm Beach Gardens, I was super excited!   If you haven't heard of Rocco's, you might live in a hole because this is one of the most talked about hot spots since I have moved here.  Rocco's is a fun, trendy place to enjoy a taste of Mexico and a shot of one of their 225 varieties of Tequila.  In college, I only knew the name Jose Cuervo (and we were not friends), but I love how "Jose" is no where to be found on their extensive drink menu.  So many delicious Margaritas, but I personally love their homemade Sangria.
There is so many things I love about Roccos Taco!  The atmosphere, the people, the food, the drinks, and of  course the Guac!  

We started with a Margarita!

And some Guacamole.  They make the Guacamole right in front of you!  This is something that I absolutely love because you know it is homemade and fresh!  I always enjoy table side presentations. DELICIOUS! 

I was soo excited about the Guacamole, I forgot to take a picture till it was pretty much gone.  It was creamy, fresh, and I like how they don't put a ton of onions in it.

As I said before, Burritos are my all time favorite Mexican dish!  So Brandt and I shared the Wet Burrito Con Rojo.  The Burrito was more then plenty for 2.  It was filled with beans, rice, lettuce, and cheese.  YUM!

Mike had the chicken quesadillas.  Good, but really it was strictly chicken and cheese.  I would have preferred some beans and veggies in it, but that is a personal preference. 

Kelli had the Chimichanga Nationale!  Spicy Chicken, onion, rice, beans, and red and green salsa!

Andy had the famous Tacos!  He got Pork Tacos that looked delish.  I love how the tacos are so cheap.  Each one is $2.95.  You cant beat that and especially in Palm Beach!  Great place for a reasonable lunch!

Rocco's Tacos never disappoints.  It is Great place for Happy Hour after work, family night with the kids, or even date night!  It appeals to everyone and is so much fun!  A stop at the restroom is even entertaining with the movie Three Amigos playing!  If you are lucky, Rocco may be even hop on the bar and give out Patron shots late night!

So  put on your most festive party pants and come down to Rocco's for a mean you will absolutely love!





5090 PGA Blvd 
Palm Beach Gardens, FL. 33418

224 Clematis Street 
West Palm Beach, FL. 33401

5250 Town Center Circle
Boca Raton, FL 33486

1313 E. Las Olas Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, FL. 33301

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