Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Looking for a "Hole in the Wall" Pizza Shop family owned and been in Lake Park since 1968?  Then Camilli's Pizza might be right for you.  Brandt and I went out to dinner with his Aunt, and her request was an enthusiastic, "Camilli's Pizza!"   Here you will enjoy very reasonable and tasty pizza as well as other Italian favorites.  No heels required in this joint, Heck, they might not even care if you are wearing shoes, its that casual.  They might even thank you for wearing a pair. Keep your nice jewelry at home, you might not want to stand out in this neighborhood.
And no dirty martini's here.  Just ice cold pitchers of beer that are reasonably priced.  Yes,you heard right,  reasonable drinks are available in Palm Beach County.

With any Pizza place, you have to start off with an ice cold beer.  Since I am always watching my caloric intake, especially right before Brandt and I eat an entire pizza, I order a Michelob Ultra.

I order a house salad that is small and pretty basic, but for $2.95, I cant complain.

Then the Pizza...  Their pizza is very, very thin and it is unique because they cut in squares.  This is a Camilli's tradition.  Brandt and I contemplated about ordering a medium or a large, we ordered a large and ate the whole thing.  Don't think it really mattered that I ordered a Michelob Ultra at this point.

Speaking of Calories, I enjoyed the sign posted on the wall.  Pay attention to # 3! Does that make it ok that we at the whole pizza????

Camilli's doesn't deliver, but if you are looking for a family restaurant with good thin crust pizza, give Camilli's a try.





Camilli's Pizza
927 Park Ave
Lake Park, FL. 33403

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

SEASONS 52 - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Now I know what you all are thinking.  Seasons 52 isn't a "local" establishment, it is owned by Darden Group.  The same people who own Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Longhorn, and my other true love, Capital Grille!  However, Seasons 52 is one of Brandt and I's favorite places to eat or even just to go and grab a martini on a Wednesday night.  I feel it is only appropriate for me to blog about Seasons 52.
Now even though it is a chain, I am always stunned at how many people have not tried Seasons 52 before, while some haven't even heard about it!  To me this is a "go-to" restaurant.  Their food is always consistent and the  atmosphere is very casual, but upscale.  The best part is every item on the menu is less then 475 calories.  Yes, you heard right, you will not have to have anyone roll you out of this establishment due to feeling overstuffed. I do guarantee you always feel satisfied.
Now keep mind that even though every item on the menu is under 475 calories, you will notice that we clearly exceed 475 due to appetizers, wine, and of course dessert!

At Seasons 52, they have a main dinning room as well as a bar area with tables surrounding the main bar and a piano player in the middle of it all.  The piano players always rotate, but they are no doubt entertaining as they belt out Celine Dion's "Beacuase you loved me" or one of my favorites Elton John's "Benny and the Jets."
Brandt and I always head straight to the bar area and grab a booth, it is first come first serve, so you have to be aggressive.  Brandt is usually 5 steps behind me as a swoop in and grab a booth. I actually get a thrill out of finding a table on my first walk-through of the bar area. (I have to give credit to my mom for teaching me on how to be aggressive.)

Now that we are seated, I pull out the bottle of Cab we brought with us and hand to the server.  Seasons 52 has a $15 corkage fee!  You can't beat that and especially in Palm Beach!

They kindly decant our 2004 bottle of Jordan..OUR FAV!

As we sip our wine, we order a Steak and Cremini Mushroom flatbread with fresh spinach and crumbled blue cheese. Delish!

We also ordered a tuna and avocado roll that is usually always a special!  It is wrapped in soy mamenori that makes this roll very light and tasty!

For the entree, I usually order the Caramelized Sea Scallops!  Always consistent and tasty!

Brandt ordered the Wood Roasted Pork Tenderloin with polenta and mushrooms!

Our friend Bryan ordered the grilled lamb T-bone Chops.  Bryan commented multiple times about the lamb,  "they are good, when I actually can cut a piece off the bone"  Possibly more bone then meat in this entree, however Bryan didn't feel comfortable enough to just take the bone to the mouth!

Seasons 52 is home of the "Award Winning" original mini indulgences.  As a side note, isn't it funny how many restaurants now have some sort of award winning item on the menu.  I feel like every where I go I see award winning wings, award winning burgers, award winning coffee.  Who is giving out all of these awards??
Of course Brandt decided to ask the waitress, "Award Winning, huh?, Who gave out that Award?"  The waitress hesitated and laughed nervously and then responded, "Darden."  So apparently, you can give yourself an Award?????

Either way, they are great and a must have!  My Favorite, the red velvet cake!

So if you are looking for a place to take friends or family and want to have a nice night.  Seasons 52 will not let you down.  Also, if you are an OpenTable junkie like myself, don't forget to make reservations to get your 100 points!
Even though you may have more then 475 calories during your time here, everything is tasty, fresh, and you will have some great entertainment to sing along to!





Seasons 52
On The Intracoastal at PGA Blvd11611 Ellison Wilson Road 
Palm Beach GardensFL 33408 

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