Sunday, March 25, 2012

BURGER BAR - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Looking for a Gourmet Burger or are you a Burger Connoisseur? Burger Bar will be your new favorite hot spot.  Chef Allen, a James Beard Award winning chef, recently opened this upscale burger joint in the Gardens. Located in the Donald Ross Village Shopping Center, Burger Bar reminds me of an upscale meat market with meat grinders everywhere you look.  They have in and outdoor seating with a very nice outside bar, great for happy hour from 4-7 everyday.
We arrived on the later side on a Friday night, around 9, and there was still a crowd at the bar enjoying some March Madness action. We took a table outside and ordered some drinks.  The boys ordered beer (always good with burgers) and I ordered my usual cherry vodka soda.  If you like Cherry vodka soda like I do, they have this black cherry vodka that is to die for.  You must try!

They even have fun drink napkins!  This can always make for an interesting night and a conversation starter! Little touches like this, always make me happy!

Anyway we started with some appetizers...Fried Pickles....AAAMAZING!  They are actually whole pickles instead of just slices.  The sauce is a mustardy mayo, I was tempted to just eat the sauce with a spoon!

We also had White Truffle Fries!  They are tossed table-side with white truffle oil, parmesan cheese and fresh  parsley.  A Must have!

Brandt and I love, love, love eggs on our burgers!  Can you believe that none of the burgers at Burger Bar have fried egg on it.  Both of us ordered different burgers, but we did ask for eggs on top!  We were happy they were willing to accomadate us.

I ordered the Blue Sky Buffalo Burger with ground buffalo, bacon, onions and Maytag blue cheese.  As I said, I added a fried egg.  I ordered mine medium rare and I was pleasantly surprised that it actually was Medium Rare.  Now a days when you order a burger no matter how you ask for it to be cooked, it comes out "Well Done", here you will get what you ask for.  I like that ALOT!

Our friend Keir ordered the Beach Burger with Bacon, Swiss cheese, house made pickle chips, and "Beach Sauce."

Carl ordered "The Greek."  This actually has lamb instead of ground beef and is topped with tomato, onion, cucumber, and house made tzatziki sauce!

Brandt enjoyed the Prime Steak Burger which is an Angus Beef Burger, grilled mushrooms, "smothered" onions, Gruyere cheese, and house made steak sauce!  YUM!  As is said earlier, we ordered fried eggs on top!

So after all that meat and more fries, we were ridiculously full!  We were tempted to try their Adult Milkshakes, but we just were too full!  I definitely want to go back for the Nutella Bourban Shake!  Sounds Amazing!

Even if you don't like red meat, you can still enjoy Chef Allens deliciousness! Try some of his chicken wings, tuna burgers, mushroom burgers, and other fun creations!  A great place for a fun, casual, American night and possibly the best burger you have ever had!

Dont forget Happy Hour Everyday 4-7!  And if you are really looking to party they have a Burger Bar Shot Tree.  Six customized shots for just you or your party!





Burger Bar
4650 Donald Ross Road
Palm Beach Gardens, Fl 33418

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