Monday, February 20, 2012


For my first post, I found it only appropriate to talk about a restaurant not only I LOVE, but also serves the kind of food that I could probably have every day of the week.  Yes, SUSHI!  Now, there may be some of you that twist your mouth all different ways at the sight and sound of sushi. One of my good friends just can’t get past the “texture,” but for Brandt and I—WE LOVE IT!!!!!

Too Bizaare, has become our “go to” restaurant.  When we first visited the restaurant it was love at first sight.  Crazy atmosphere and Amazing sushi.  The Walls are full of local paintings and trendy mirrors.  You will find an assortment of chandeliers hanging from the ceilings and there is even a lamp post in the middle of the restaurant.  HOW  COOL!  But wait it gets better…. Everything is for sale! So you might not only leave with a satisfied stomach, but maybe a new painting to put in your living room.  
The tables are not what you find at a typical restaurant, The chairs and tables don’t match and some of the tables even have couches!  How Fun!
There is almost always a wait on Friday and Saturday nights, but Brandt and I never mind the wait as we head our way to the bar to grab a glass of wine.  The restaurant does not sell liquor, only beer and wine, but their selection is pretty large.

For appetizers we almost always start with the steamed Dumplings.  They are absolutely amazing!!!  

Our friends enjoyed the fried Calamari, which was very tasty as well!

But the sushi is too die for!!  I think of it as gourmet sushi.  They have so many interesting rolls on the menu! Now if you are like my mom and wants the California roll when I take her to a sushi restaurant, it will be good, however you will be missing out!  I was like "Mom, they have over 50 rolls and you are going to order a California roll!!!" "Try something interesting and new!"  
One of our favorites is the Sue roll with shrimp tempura. They even have rolls with fruit which is so tasty.  The Antoinette roll is a must have with Dynamite Crab, shrimp tempura, cream cheese, asparagus, topped with avocado, fresh strawberry, and spicy mayo..You have to try it! 

They even have some rolls with Lobster and they give you the whole lobster tail...Below you will see the Lobster bomb!  

If you are not a sushi lover, don't worry they have plenty of other options for you, but honestly the sushi is the best!! Also, if you are a golf enthusiast, don't be surprised if you see some of your favoirte local golf pros.    There have been sightings of Keegan Bradley and Dustin Johnson!! 
I hope you all try this great hidden treasure and let me know what your favorite rolls are!





287 E Indiantown Road #2B
Jupiter, FL 33477

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